Creative Process

While the process of development differs to suit each project's unique needs, these are some of the base steps that follow along in the creation of many works:

  • After first assessing creative needs and determining what problems need solving, work begins developing research and making drawings to visualize potential solutions

  • Through model building, maquette sculpting, and other forms of prototyping, a representation of the end product is created to sense how it will exist in the real world and allow for potential related issues to arise before production starts.

  • Construction and fabrication of the final product begins. For special-use items such as complicated puppets or props, rehearsal items will be supplied to allow performers to begin practicing operation.

  • This is where the magic happens! Paint, costuming, dressing, lighting, all final intricacies are added to complete the design and make the work visually arresting.

  • From the studio to your space on-schedule, ready to be rehearsed with by your team. Training of special-use items happens at this stage.

We did it! We celebrate!