Shadowspirit Manor

Shadowspirit Manor was an original production. Part Walkthrough Haunted House, Part giant Scenic Puppet, the environmental installation took guests through an actual house on Long Island, taken over and filled with secret passages and haunted sets. To overcome the constraints of the space and add to the surrealistic nature of the show, the scenic elements were manipulated unknowingly by the guests as they moved through. At the end of the path, the guests entered a room that turned them around and led them back through the same path they had come from, now unrecognizable given the changes they had made. Guests were surprised to find themselves exiting the house the same way they had entered.

Open during the 2013 Halloween Season, it featured an original score and specially designed props, sets and puppets. Projection Mapping techniques were used to bring inanimate objects to life and to represent dark forces moving throughout the house.